Monday, December 8, 2008

I have frantically been working on this year's Christmas stockings to get them done in time and I have done it. I hope I still have time to finish up my other projects, too! My great aunt made them for all of us when we were each born, so the tradition started there, then my Mom took over and made them for the husbands and wives as we all married and then our children as they were all born, but with the births of great-grandchildren, she put her foot down and said that the next generation would each have to take over for their own grandchildren. I have made them for my grands, but I am the only one so far who has. I also got talked into making for my niece's son when he had his first Christmas four years ago. Well, she had a little girl this year also and I had to make two for my two new grandsons anyway, so I am surprising her with a stocking for little Ella as well. They take forever to make with all those little sequins and beads but are so pretty when they are done. What kind of traditions do all of you have?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lisa is once again offering her gorgeous image downloads for the holidays. Here is the link to check them out, but why not go to her site and purchase some of her art. It's wonderful and great quality stuff!