Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day playdate

We met again today for our holiday play-date except we were in the midst of a blizzard here in Wisconsin, so four of the gals who planned on attending couldn't chance the roads. I hosted today's event and fed them pastromi, turkey, and honey ham, provolone cheese, cojack cheese, and muenster cheese, and chicken salad and lettuce to make wonderful sandwiches on crescents and hoagie rolls. I also whipped up and eclair torte for dessert and we had Chex mix and trail mix to nibble on. Diana, Deb, Judy, and Babs were sadly missed as they couldn't venture out, but we had Nancy, Jacki, Erika (Jacki's daughter who is visiting here from Norway), Victoria, my grand-daughter, and myself in attendance. We had a fun and laughter-filled morning and afternoon while we created some fabulous cards. Even Victoria taught a card. We try to each come up with a card idea and make one up for a sample and cut for all the people attending and then teach it. Today, Nancy shared two great cards, Victoria had one to share as did both Jacki and Erika, and I shared three of them. Here they are in no particular order but it looks like we are wanting spring badly! A lot of butterflies appeared on today's cards!

Martin Luther King, JR. playdate

On several of the postal holidays each year, a few of my friends and I get together and spend the day making cards. Here are the ones we did on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Jacki, who is new to our group was our hostess and we spent the day in her amazing studio! It is enormous and so well organized. I wanted to move in! She made us spinach quiche and a delightful sweet salad and baked a delicious pie and Nancy also brought a wonderful pie as well. Great food, great company, and great time making cards. Jacki, Nancy, Diana, Deb, and I were able to attend. Here are the cards we created that day.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Christmas stockings

I just noticed that I didn't add pics of the two stockings I made for Christmas this year on here. I was blessed with a new baby grandson July 28th entering the world a month early was Reese Patrick Knight. I also made one up for my niece Erin Holt's husband because he was the onkly one who didn't have one at their house. My great-aunt made them for all of us when we had our first Christmas and then my Mom kept the tradition going with all of her grands and then I seem to have made them for each of my grandchildren but seem to have been handed the baton to do the great nieces and nephews as well somehow! They take a lot of time and patience hand stitching all of the sequined details but they are such an heirloom.

Happy Birthday

Two of my sisters celebrate birthdays this week, so here are the identical cards I mailed off to them yesterday. Sue's birthday is Tuesday, the 11th and Patty's is Friday, the 14th. We are leaving on Friday the 28th along with the 4th sister, Barb, to fly to Cocoa Beach for a week of fun in the sun and relaxing on the beach. Can't wait to go and get away from all of this terrible cold weather and snow we have had the last several weeks here in Wisconsin!

Frebruary CTMH club cards

i am the hostess this month for our stamping club and the gathering is Tuesday night here. Here are the cards for the evening. i found a lot of inspiration at a CTMH blog hop using this month's stamp of the month. It is so cute! If you spend $50, you can get this set for $5.00. It is also the brand new spring-summer catalog debut! Check it all out at my site i had a lot of fun creating these three cards and was hard to pick just three once I got playing! I hope they all enjoy the make and take!