Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Retirement Helen

My wonderful next door neighbor, Helen, just retired after working 42 years with the school district. She was the favorite of every child through all of those years. They all call her "Mrs. J" so they don't have to remember her last name. They are the best neighbors a person could ever wish for; they have literally shovelled our snow, raked our lawn, planted plants for me when my sciatica was acting up and my shipment arrived, they take our dog on walks and trips to visit the residents at the local nursing home, etc. They let him outside with them while we are at work if he is in the window. LOL He has them very trained, to say the least! Anyway, she walked over with the newspaper clippings of her retirement party at school and wanted to know if I could spruce them up a little since I have that craft room. LOL I decided to see who took the photos and get some made and use originals so they don't yellow and fade, etc. Here is what I ceated for her yesterday and put them in white scrapbook frames but took them out for the picture to get rid of the glare.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tip-in pages/ Spritz, spray, stencil challenge

This week the theme at Simon Says Stamp and Show, is Spritz, spray, and stencil. Well, I just happened to do all of those on my newest tip-in pages so am entering them here for this challenge. I am LOVING Dyan's sprays!!!! So gorgeous and vivid! Also love Jenni Bowlin's paint dabbers with the stencils! Fun, fun.

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Hey, how about this bloggers! I already got mine done for this month! Still haven't gotten around to June's, but will soon I hope. I made mine onto a rolodex card as I am using them for my swap this month.