Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CTMH site

I just figured out how to use the EZ-invite feature on my Close To My heart site. From there you can shop and place your order and if you choose to join a particular gathering, the hostess will get credit towards their gathering and it will ship directly to you. How slick is that!Just posting a link for my online business site. You can shop from there anytime and if you choose to join by clicking on that button, credit will be given to whatever gathering you joined. Currently it is for Hilarie for Oct. 19th. Check it out!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Creative Chemistry II- Day #5

well, I have all of the examples finished up now. I don't really know what went wrong with my chalkboard ones, but they both did the same thing. Instead of the stamped and embossed area being what held the chalk color, the rest of the tag did and that stayed black, twice. Anyone know what to do to fix next time?

Creative Chemistry II- Day #4

I have always had a love affair with Tim's alcohol inks and these techniques were so fun to try. I pulled out all of mine that haven't been played with for a long time. Might have to leave them out for a while and use them a few times. Really enjoyed these!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Creative Chemistry II- Day #3

Here are my tags from Day #3. Again, I am not finishing most of these as they are my samples of the techniques for my book. I have to say that I am loving this new Distress Glitter! Usually I am not a glitter girl as it is EVERYWHERE, but not this glitter!~ It is very easy to use and control. If you don't have it yet, you have to get some.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

CC-#102, Day 2

Here are my tags for Day 2 of the class. Loving these techniques! Loving the distress paints and stains as much as the inks. The new stencils are so much fun!

Creative Chemistry 102

i am enjoying Tim's new online class Creative Chemistry #102 so very much! It is just jam-packed with wonderful tips and techniques. I won't be able to give any instructions on how to do them out of respect for Tim. But check them out and go sign up and take his classes yourself. They are so worth the money. You do have to take #101 first but that was a great class as well. Anyway here are my examples of Day #1. I tokk a couple close-ups of two of my favorites. I didn't finish my tags as I want the technique to show.