Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We helped throw a baby shower for my middle daughter, Kayla and her husband, Wally this past week-end. We had about 45-50 people there and had a lot of fun. Made way too much food as usual . They got a lot of great gifts and little Phillip should be the best dressed boy in Jackson County when he arrives in November! (or Philly-Steak, as my oldest daughter calls him) We added something to the invitations I hadn't seen done before that was quite cool. "Anyone who brings a pack of diapers wins a prize." I had some larger dollar prizes for these as I used to do a home-party plan so have lots of things still in boxes to use as prizes. They got 12 packs of diapers in three sizes!!! Wow, I was so impressed. So if any of you are having showers for your girls, add this to your invites, it works!


wkknight said...

Hey mom so glad to see we made it to your blog lol feels like we are on the front page! love ya

Contessa Kris said...

Awww, what a cutie picture of the mother to be! I wish I had known of this idea to say something about the diapers. We have a baby shower for my SIL this Saturday. I'll remember for next time.

I wanted to invite you to visit my blog again during my birthday giveaway blog party. I've giving away prizes until my birthday on Oct. 6t!