Thursday, September 10, 2009

We made Paperbag books in my atcs-are-us yahoo group in the theme of "Things I Love". It was a fun project. There were so many things I wanted to include but there weren't enough pages and supplies for all of them so I narrowed it down to family, friends, vintage style, art,coffee, Tim Holtz,the Wizard of Oz,fishing, nature,birds, flowers, and reading books. I sent mine to Christina and she really liked it which pleased me! I made little mini books with cut up old book pages and made covers with chipboard c0vered with wallpaper and then the images. They turned out so cute. Here are some pictures of the finished pages and tag inserts.


Barb said...

You impress us everytime we look at your work. Barb & Ashley

Kathy Eddy said...

Thanks Barbie Doll! Long time no see or hear from! How's all going? School? Work? Everyone good?

Lynn Stevens said...

Love your book, really fabulous!