Thursday, September 9, 2010

We wanted to give our family room some color for a while now and I went and selected paints a few weeks ago and bought them but got no further than that! well, my husband, Jay, had a few days off last week, so we took everything down off the walls and he filled in the holes and started the top portion. When I got home form work the next day, he had that color done and it looked really yellow instead of the greenish color we thought we had chosen. We continued on the next day when I was on my lunch-break of 3 hours and painted the dark accent color on the bottom. He did the second coat while I was at work and the next day, removed the tape and I went around with a tiny paintbrush and got the little missed spots next to trim. The next evening, savanna, my youngest daughter who has recently moved back home helped us decide where to hang things and made me keep lots of stuff off the walls. I tend to overdo it seems! LOL Now that it's all done, the top is the nice light green look we wanted in the first place but it was scary before we took the tape off.

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