Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday AJ

My grandson AJ, is celebrating his golden birthday with a party here tomorrow.. He turned 8 on the 8th so I wanted to get him something extra special. It gets harder all the time with kids and they have so much stuff already that I didn't want to get him small stuff, so I made sure he would be OK with getting something REALLY cool that he REALLY wants and it would be for Christmas too. He said as long as it's big! Well, ever since I got his sister a Kindle-Fire he always wants to play with it or take mine, so I got him his own along with a charger, a protective skin for the screen, and a leather case/stand. He will be over the moon. I wrapped it inside a box, inside a big box, so it is BIG. On the outside box I used birthday paper and Christmas on the inside two. He only asked for Lego's so I made his card with that in mind. I hope it looks like Lego's to him. Can't wait to see his expression!!! I charged it up last night and downloaded some of his favorite app's onto it.


Michelle Webb said...

That's a brilliant kids card! I love it. What a genius idea to do lego bricks like that. Really imaginative. Love it! Michelle x

Lynn Stevens said...

What a clever card Kathy. My son LOVED Lego's when he was little ,what am I saying he still loves Lego's! LOL. I bet your GS is over the moon with his new present.
Hugs Lynn