Monday, August 17, 2009

I played a little with my new colors of alcohol inks last week and made a couple of atcs for swaps. On one of them I used the Heavenly Holes technique from Technique Junkies. One of Tim's new stamps on the other. Here they are.

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Mary R. said...

Kathy, how you get the colors to mix like that OK.i bought some ink in little bottles and I cant tell what they are can you tell methey are called Posh rainbow inks they are acid free, I have about 30 of them and I sure would love to use them, also do you know how to use a cutterbug I just got a brandnew one and I dont know how to maked a sanwitch know how ???if you get a change go look at my
new blog : stamping wth Mary,
have a good night.

Mary Redford