Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, I am finally getting around to adding pictures of the floor and electrical installation of the kitchen. Just have been so busy that I have neglected to do so. Another coat of paint on the ceiling from patching up where the old lights were and we can hang the rack to hang the cookware from and couple more pieces of trim on the ends of the island and it will be done. The coloring looks off again as I had the lights turned on plus the flash.

The bottom ones are during the tile laying before grout and of course Jack had to check it out as they installed it. We put an outlet on each end of the island.


Lori said...

Gorgeous tile, Kathy, your new kitchen looks fantastic!

Lynn Stevens said...

I was wondering if your floor was in yet! Its gorgeous. I bet you are just Loving your new kitchen and you should!

Crafty Dawn said...

I know there apain to fit but just look at this wonderful kitchen now and you baked some wonderful cakes at Easter Mine isn't as yummy as yours but I love my work tops now I have had it re designed it's only a didy kitchen but I have to have room to play woth my craft too! lol

Love Dawn xx