Monday, August 19, 2013

My newest grandson

Reese Patrick Knight was welcomed into the world on July 28th at 2:59 a.m., weighing in at 5#10 1/4 oz., 19" long. He was anther who just couldn't wait until his due date to arrive. We sure have a history of that in this family! All went well, unlike the predictions after all the extra ultrasounds and tests that were run expecting a few bad outcomes, that, thank God were not present! He was born 40 minutes after their arrival to the hospital and just 14 minutes after I got there. My Mom and Wally's Mom were also supposed to be in the delivery room, but neither of them arrived until after he was born. He was a quickie, that's for sure! He's been losing weight since his birth and is having some trouble nursing, but has began his upward battle to gain weight. was down to 5# after he was home, but now at three weeks, he is at 5# 6 oz., so moving in the right direction again! What a peanut he is. We are calling him Mr. Buttons as he reminds us of Benjamin Button. He looks like a tiny little old man. LOL


2amscrapper said...

Congrats! Mr. Buttons is a real cutie!

Pamela OConnor said...

Congratulations on the new grand baby! :) He is a cutie!

Candy C said...

HUGE CONGRATS on your newest addition to the family. He's gorgeous! I know you're so proud. <3 Candy