Thursday, March 11, 2010

So here's how my kitchen looked yesterday and then last night. What a mess. The garage is really a disaster but should see some great results by end of today,I hope. My carpeter's wife, who is a friend of mine, is on her second bout of chemo for breast cancer, and we found out yesterday that the problems he's been having and testing he's had last week, are confirmed prostate cancer. Can they have any worse news! I am praying that both were caught very early and can be successfully beaten! Such good people and such a talented carpenter. These are the old cabinets shown here during removal. The new framing structure you see at the top is part of the bulk-head he is building for above the cabinets. Out with the old and hopefully, in with the new!


Lori said...

Wow! Things are progressing nicely! A lot faster than ours did, although we did the work ourselves, yuk. Should be no time at all, and it'll be done! Thanks for sharing the "during" phase!

Lynn Stevens said...

I guess you'll be eating out for awhile LOL. Thats always one nice thing about remodeling "no cooking"
LOL, looks like its moving right along, so sorry to hear about their illness. Lots of prayers sent your way!

wkknight said...

you need some new pics...and we will all keep praying for the best for them!

Linda Cain said...

You're getting there!
I loved listening to your John Denver music. I had all his albums in the 70's, saw him perform in Iowa. Being a child of that generation, when things were so much simpler, seems like ages and ages ago....because it was!!!!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane...going to go some of his music uploaded for myself.

Your Friend in ART,