Sunday, December 5, 2010

I have to interrupt the Tim Tag posts and do a quickie on my kitchen update. We decided to cover our chairs with a wipe-clean naugahide type fabric and I wanted it to be red as I had painted an accent wall red last spring when we redid the kitchen. well, I now painted all but one wall red and took down the header over the vertical blinds on patio door and added a decorative rod and three valances to it. Wanted a coffee print in reds but struck out but really think this one tied it all together. Love the chairs. It was pretty hard for the first three but then we had a system and the last five went together pretty well. Painting was a snap for us, we are getting really good at it. Of course the valances were NOT the right type to go on the rod that the friendly saleslady told me were perfect together and I did not want to take them back and start over again, so I measured where I wanted them and not so bravely, cut a slit in the back pocket for the brackets to poke through. What a pain in the a&!. But they look great now. I promised my girlfriend I would post pics and it has been all week, and still haven't so here goes nothing. Now imagine it without the piles of junk there, Phillip's booster seat, and the grill covered on the deck behind it all. LOL

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