Monday, December 27, 2010

Though, totally unplanned, I decided to continue the tradition of making a Christmas stocking for my newest great nephew. I have made them for all of my grandchildren and have somehow been roped into making them for all of my niece's and nephew' children as well. I announced a couple of years ago that the Grandmothers of all the new babies would have to take over them for their families and that they could come over and I would teach them how and provide the supplies even. so far, this has NOT happened. I have made them all, including spouses as they marry. I felt guilty that Conor wouldn't have one until next year as my sister never came to learn in time, so started his Sunday night during the packer game, worked on it during my lunch Monday and Tuesday, the entire Monday night game and a bit Wednesday morning. Had it done, only to find out, they only have one N in his name, so I had to tear apart the name and redo it. Here it is in all it's glory. Hope they like it!

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